Here is the final version of the 2015 Protocols in PDF format

2015 Protocols Final Version

Below is are 2 links. One for the slide presenation going over the changes for 2015 and the other is the same slide presenation with a voice over. The voice over is aproximately 45 minutes long. It is a big file and will take a while to download. In order to hear the voice over, you must download the file and play it in PowerPoint.

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Below is a video demonstrating how to mix push dose EPI

Push Dose Epi

Below is a link for lectures on TXA

10 minute presentation              45 minute presentation

Below are all the changes made from the draft version:

A102 Rapid Sequence Intubation pg 14 capitalized letters in each line of list.

SB205 Hypotension page 37 -V.B.1 and V.D removed Vasopressin

SB205 Hypotenstion Page 38 VII.
Created other methods of mixing Push Dose EPI:

Method 1:
Take a 10 ml syringe with 9 ml of normal saline
Into this syringe, draw up 1 ml of epinephrine from the cardiac amp(amp contains Epinephrine 100 mcg/ml, labeled as 1:10,000)
This can be drawn up using a needle or stopcock
Now you have 10 mls of Epinephrine 10 mcg/ml

Method 2
Withdraw 10ml of normal saline from a 100 ml bag and discard
Inject 1 amp of cardiac epinephrine into 100ml bag of normal saline
Withdraw 10 ml of solution
Now you have 10 mls of Epinephrine 10 mcg/ml

Method 3
Inject 1ml of 1:1,000 epinephrine from glass ampule into 100ml normal saline
Withdraw 10 ml of solution
Now you have 10 mls of Epinephrine 10 mcg/ml

This was done due to a photograph that I received of a piece of plastic making its way into the syringe when drawing up the epinephrine (photo attached). I imagine that this is rare, but a possibility.

M407 Psychiatric pg 80 - removed space between III.A and III.B

M411 Toxicology pg 93 8.D.i added "or one 5g vial" - apparently the manufacture is now making one 5g vial as opposed to two 2.5g vials

M415 Patients with Pre-existing Medical Devices/Drug Administration pg 105 - removed space between II.E.1 and II.E.2

P612 Pediatric Pain Management pg 138 fixed font in medic section

T705 Airway pg 154 III.A added the word "alternate" after rescue in the paragraph

S501 Head or Spinal Trauma page 110 II.A.iv changed RR from 14-16 to 12-10 to agree with AHA recommendations

S501 Head or Spinal Trauma page 110 added words "(paramedic only)"

S505 Pre-Hospital Pain Management pg 116 I.D removed no history of allergy to morphine. Should not be giving medicine that patients are allergic to. We don't say this in any other protocol

S506 Administration of Tranexamic Acid (TXA) pg 117 I.A removed penetrating injury to the "head" as an example inclusion criteria

App D Chemical Agent Exposure pg 173 removed space between VI.A and VI.B

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