Below is the link to the final 2016 Protocols

2016 Protocols Final

Below is the summary of all changes to the 2016 draft protocols to make the 2016 final protocol

1. A107 page 24 update West Chester Hospital Squad Phone Number to 513-298-7777
2. C307 Return of Spontaneous Circulation Page 69
a. Add to hypothermia protocol under G.2.iii “Call medical control before initiating chilled saline bolus. There is much controversy regarding the use of IV chilled saline.”
b. We can discuss much more in January if we want to remove it entirely. There are strong opinions on either side.
3. Appendix B page 173
a. Add Calcium chloride 10% as alternative to Calcium Gluconate
b. Also add to Appendix A
4. M409 Allergic Reaction - Anaphylaxis page 91 notes section
a. it indicates that the IM Epi should be given "in the anterolateral thigh".
b. This may have been left over from the EMT instructions.
c. Change this note to add the word “autoinjector” so that it reads “Anterolateral thigh is the preferred IM administration site for 1:1000 epi autoinjector. Other sites may be used if preferred site would cause unneeded delay. Absorption is fastest with IM injection in the thigh.”

Below is a link to the final rough draft of the 2016 Protocols in PDF format

It is a link to a dropbox account, some networks block dropbox,

so you may have to download it on another network

2016 final rough draft Protocols

Please send all comments regarding these protocols to

Dr. Hamilton Lempert, Chairperson, until December 1, 2015.

After December 1, 2015 the 2016 protocols will be updated with any necessary changes.

The final version with a list of all changes will be published on this website

at the end of December to go into effect January 1, 2016.

Below is are 2 links to the PowerPoint presentation going over all the changes for 2016.  

One is with a voiceover and the other without the voiceover.

Presentation without voiceover                            Presentation with voiceover

Below are links to new drug reference resources for the drugs

in our protocol that are covered in the Presentation

Drug list by Protocol and by Name

Information on each drug - updated 12-8-15

Lastly, below is a link to all the changes made in the 2016 Protocols

All Changes for 2016

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Protocol Committee

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