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Update 7-16-10:

Now that we are mid-way through the summer, we have begun harvesting the crops. While this is aspect of the project is cool, the best part is that we have made community connections and are delivering our harvested vegetables. Last week, we delivered food products to Su Casa. This organization serves the Cincinnati Latino community. We are excited to have been able to establish this relationship and hope that we can continue to work with them. Other places that we have and will donate to include Jewish Family Services, Valley Interfaith Food and Clothing Bank.

On Sunday May 16th at 10am, the Adath Israel Organic Garden will have its official planting. All are welcome to attend this wonderful occasion. In conjuction with the Brotherhood, the 5th grade class will be culminating their year by creating an opportunity for tzedakah.  Once the crops are harvested, the brotherhood members will coordinate with local food banks to distribute food to its clients. However, efforts will not solely be the responsibility of the Brotherhood or the 5th grade. We are seeking congregation families to volunteer a week of their summer in support of this worthy project. For more information please contact Kevin Besnoy ( or Howard Goldwasser (

The Adath Israel Organic Garden Project will bring together a variety of congregation populations to create, maintain, harvest, and distribute the products of an organic garden. Populations that will be included in this project include congregation youth, Adath Israel Religious School teachers, Rabbi, Brotherhood, parents, and sisterhood. The collaborative nature of this project will allow for our community to learn how to create an organic garden. Through the riches of this organic garden, this project will teach our youth how to be stewards of their community.

    Those responsible for overseeing the project will be the Adath Israel Brotherhood. The Brotherhood members will build two raised beds, plant the crops, maintain the ecosystem, and harvest the crops. Once the crops are harvested, the Brotherhood members will coordinate with local food banks to distribute food to its clients. However, efforts will not solely be the responsibility of the Brotherhood.

In addition to working with local food banks, efforts will be coordinated with the Adath Israel Religious School to embed environmental education and service learning into the curriculum. As a result, 5th graders in the after-school religious school will have the opportunity to demonstrate the importance of stewardship. The students will come to understand that they are responsible for strengthening their local community. In addition, this project will allow 5th graders to begin to understand, in a tangible format, the expectations of their mitzvah project that coincides with their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

    Moreover, The Garden Project will be ‘housed’ in the fifth grade curriculum.  Since the start of the current school year, students have explored going green in all aspects of their work.  For example, in place of using any kind of disposable plates for snacks, the class has been using Frisbees.  They have been conscientious about their use of paper and other supplies as well.  The Garden Project kick-off, however, will take place for Tu B’Shevat with a Baal Tashchit emphasis.  Curricula from the Jewish Food Education Network of Hazon will be used in the classroom as well as for family educational programs and adult education opportunities.

We are looking for volunteers to help with this fantastic project. For more information, please contact Kevin Besnoy (