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Our synagogue seeks to welcome all Jewish men and women - and their partners, whether Jewish or not - without regard to marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, national origin, or disability.

Keruv (“to bring closer”) is an initiative spearheaded by the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, formed to answer the needs of interfaith couples and families and welcome them into the culture of Conservative synagogues.  The FJMC Keruv initiative is based on a lay/professional partnership that began in 2001.  Since then, FJMC has brought together groups of rabbis and lay consultants to learn and to think about the issues that are occurring in their communities and within their member families and along the way we have learned that the need for keruv extends beyond the challenges facing interfaith couples.  Keruv programming not only provides opportunities for congregants to explore issues relating to intermarriage in a safe and supportive environment, but it also encourages changes in the synagogue to better accommodate the growing diversification of Jewish families in general.  We know that the Jewish family today is increasingly diverse:  more non-Jewish family members, more single-parent households, more same-sex couples, more multicultural households, and more theological diversity within Jewish families than ever before.  As a community, the Conservative Jewish movement has been slow to respond to these emerging needs.  The establishment of a synagogue Keruv Committee fosters a culture change which makes the congregation more responsive to the Jewish community in all its diversity.  Adath Israel's Rabbi Wise is dedicated to ensuring that our synagogue is positioned to serve these needs and he continues to lead from the front on this issue.

If you have questions or would like to become involved in our Keruv initiative more directly, please contact Rabbi Wise or one of our trained consultants,

Michael Sullivan and Dr. Gary Smith.


Josh Lisman

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