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Brotherhood Minyan Night - -  Just as we try to come up with new programs for Brotherhood, we need to take the time to ensure existing Synagogue needs are met as well.  We want to do our part by securing one night a week for Minyan.  Whether we have 10 or 30 doesn’t matter.  We can grow spiritually, grow in friendship, and help be leaders within the Synagogue, supporting our daily minyan.   Due to work commitments some people can not make Monday nights.  If you can’t make Mondays…then perhaps you can commit to another day of the week - - but Mondays will be Brotherhood Minyan Night. 

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Minyan Monday


Josh Lisman

Vice President

Brett Leonard


Howard Goldwasser

Immediate Past President

Mike Weisman


Dr. Hamilton Lempert

Leadership Board

Joel Kling

Dr. Gary Smith

Michael Sullivan