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FJMC KIO region honors 2 of its Local Youths- in 2011

The Federation of Jewish Mens Clubs KIO Region, through The Rose and Elliot Segerman Scholarship Fund has provided, 4 youth  scholarships in the KIO region.  This is the first time such scholarships have been given on a regional basis.   The FJMC- KIO region  will be offering the scholarships to youths belonging to a conservative synagogue in the Kentucky, Indiana,  and Ohio area that exhibit a strong commitment to leadership, volunteering, community service and completing their jewish education.

Dr Gary R. Smith is president of the KIO region and will be presenting the awards with the Segerman family at the Man of the Year and Youth of the awards breakfast Banquet at  Adath Israel on May 15th at 12:30PM.

We are excited to announce Michelle Glazer and Laney Paul from Adath Israel have won the awards locally.   They have exhibited the exceptional leadership qualities and commitment to service that are the hallmark of the award.  The Adath Israel Brotherhood will match the $500 scholarship to those deserving youth.

At the breakfast, Adath Israel will also be honoring Michael Mills who will become the international president for the FJMC , and Rabbi Irvin Wise, who was awarded

the Adath Israel Brotherhood Man of the Year award.  

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