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Dear Friends,

           With the constant growth of ANTISEMITISM, HOLOCAUST DENIAL spreading and GENOCIDE an ever existing danger in our society, it is very natural to believe that someone else will confront these problems and solve them. NOT TRUE!  We can make a significant difference. THE HOLOCAUST CERTAINLY TEACHES US THIS IMPORTANT LESSON. I know this to be a fact because I am the child of HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS. I WILL NOT LOOK THE OTHER WAY!

           On behalf of ADATH ISRAEL BROTHERHOOD, please accept this YOM HASHOAH YAHRZEIT CANDLE and light it on MAY 1, 2011 and place it where all can see and remember. If we do this collectively as a worldwide JEWISH community, then the rest of the world will understand that we HONOR and RESPECT all of those souls who perished in the HOLOCAUST although the HOLOCAUST recedes in time today.

            This candle is sent to you without any obligation, but with the hope that you will give TZEDAKAH out of RESPECT and REMEMBERANCE. We as a community can make a difference. Your generous donation helps us support thecontinuation of HOLOCAUST EDUCATION. 

            ELIE WIESEL once stated that " BEING UNRESPONSIVE TO THE FUTURE VIOLATES THE MEMORY OF THE PAST." I am confident that this will not happen.

            We as a society owe it not only to the HOLOCAUST VICTIMS  to remember this atrocity, but to all living human beings, and to future generations, to REMEMBER and to PONDER. With rememberance and continual open discussion, there is a chance, a HOPE ( HATIKVA ), that another SHOAH will never be repeated.

                                  L' SHALOM

                                       Morry Wiener


Place the Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle in the window on the evening of Sunday April 11, 2010, and recite the following as it is lit.  

As I light this Yellow Candle, I vow never to forget the lives of the Jewish men, women, and children who are symbolized by this flame. They were tortured and brutalized by human beings who acted like beasts; their lives were taken in cruelty. May we be inspired to learn more about our six million brothers and sisters as individuals and as communities, to recall their memory throughout the year, so that they will not suffer a double death. May we recall not only the terror of their deaths, but also the splendor of their lives. May the memory of their lives inspire us to hallow our own lives and to live meaningful Jewish lives so that we may help to insure that part of who they were shall endure always.

                  1.       Rabbi Jules

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