Gan Kindergarten Class


December 17, 2018

9 Tevet, 5779

Dear Families,

Today was a wonderfully average day in Kindergarten, which is nice sometimes.  Here’s what we did:

*Reviewed our God Concepts learned so far and then talked about “Talking To God.”  We learned that anyone can talk to God about anything, at anytime about anything and anywhere EXCEPT the bathroom! If in a formal service, we need 10 Jewish adults for a minyan.

*We talked about the prayers that we sing in tefilah and categorized them into “Asking,” “Praising,” or “Thanking” God.

*The students made prayer bottles and the beads inside corresponded to the things they thanked God for on their thankful sheet.  The more they were thankful for, the more beads they added.

*We began learning our “I Am Jewish” song.  I have attached the song and lyrics to the email I sent.  You can also click on the tab abover that says “I Am Jewish” audio to hear the song and “I Am Jewish” for the lyrics.  Please help your child practice during winter break.  We will be singing this song for Consecration on Sunday, Feb. 3rd.

*The students learned the letter Daled and played BINGO to practice letter recognition.

*Our Shabbat boxes are continuing to come home.  If your child gets a box when you know you will not be at home for Shabbat, please let me know and we can rearrange the schedule.

I wish everyone a wonderful winter break. See you next year!


*We do not have Religious School for the next few Sundays but we will resume on Sunday, January 6th and we will have library.

*If you need another copy of the homework or need to know a letter sound, just clink on the homework or sound chart tab above.



Miss Debbie