Gan Kindergarten Class


March 11, 2019

4 Adar 2, 5779

Dear Families,

Yesterday was an exciting day in Kindgarten, as we learned about Purim and made hamantaschen!

*Students learned the letters Pey and Fey-pey has a dot which we calla penny because Pey got paid.  Fey’s penny fell out so it’s fey.

*The students practiced reviewing the letters we’ve learned so far by either doing Alef Bet mazes or color by Hebrew letter.

*The students LOVED making hamantaschen, that look like Haman’s ear! They learned how to roll out the dough, cut the circles and turn them into triangles by folding the circles like a taco, pinching one corner and then lifting and pinching the other side.  They did a great job!

*After hearing the Purim story, the students chose to either make a purim puppet, a Find It grogger or play a Purim game.


*Next Sunday is Purim Palooza. All students need a wristband before going into the carnival.  This allows them to play unlimited games and eat yummy treats!  Please have them come in costume at our regular 9am start time.  You can meet us in the lobby at 10am to walk over to the Lerner.Fisher Hall. I will try to make sure that the children have everything from their cubbies with them. 

*There is no religious school on Sunday, March 24th for Spring Vacation.

*Although we will not have library, feel free to bring back books this coming Sunday.


Miss Debbie