Gan Kindergarten Class


May 7, 2017, 2017

11 Iyyar, 5777

Dear Families,

I know it’s a good day when kids say, “I love Sunday School today!  Can we explore Israel some more?”  Here’s what we did today:

*We continued to learn about Israel by going on an Israel Scavenger Hunt.  We visited many of the places on the map that the students explored last week. Here’s what we did in each place:

*Our first stop was the capital, Jerusalem, where we visited the Kotel-the Western Wall.  The students found the Hebrew letters that spell Kotel in Hebrew on the wall.  We learned that there are two official languages in Israel, Hebrew and Arabic but you can also hear English, Russian, and Amharic (Ethiopian language).  Also we talked about how many religions see Israel as an important place and that Christians, Muslims and Druze live in Israel with the Jewish people.

*Next we went south to the Negev desert and searched in sand for shekels.  We learned that the weather can vary in the desert, that it is very dry, but that there can also be an oasis.

*The students ordered snack from a cafeteria like restaurant in Netanya, Cincinnati’s Sister City.  The students used Hebrew to say, “Ani rotzei/rotzah lalechet ________ b’vaksah (I want _______ please.”  They enjoyed eating falafel, pita, humus, wafer cookies, donuts, mini cupcakes and apple juice.

*Next we traveled further south to Eilat, near the Red Sea.  There the students fished for Hebrew letters that spelled out Israel in Hebrew. We also looked out Israel’s semel, its symbol, which as a menorah, olive branches and the word Israel in Hebrew.

*Our next stop was up north to the Dead Sea.  We talked about how nothing lives in the sea, as it is too salty.  We talked about how everything, including us, floats.  We also talked about the water shortage in Israel. 

*Our final stop was in Tel Aviv, the cultural city known for artwork, music and dance.  We looked at pictures of a few sculptures and then made our own sculptures out of building materials.  Check out our cool photos in the photo album!  We also learned that there are people from all over the world living in Israel, including Russia, Yemen, and Morocco.

*The final task was to examine the flag of Israel.  We talked about how it was modeled after a tallis.  Gavi and Evan shared that the two blue stripes are like the parting of the Red Sea form the Passover story and the star of David represents the Jewish people walking through the sea.  Then everyone got one piece of a paper puzzle and together they made a floor size flag of Israel.

*At the end of the day, we all played “Go Fish” using the Hebrew phrase, “Ani Rotzei/rotzah _____ b’vakasha (I want ____ please” to ask for a letter.  If the person did not have the letter, s/he would say, “Lo, Go Dag” (No, Go Fish).  The kids really enjoyed playing this game and using Hebrew!

Here are some reminders:

1.  This coming Friday, May 12th, is our annual Shabbat School.  The students in PreK-1st grade will all meet in Sherry Cohen’s room for an activity from 6-6:30 PM and then we’ll head upstairs to the Sagel for a musical kid friendly Shabbat service, followed by dinner in the Lerner.Fisher Hall.  Please RSVP to Mikey Frank to let us know how many in your family will be there so we can make sure to have enough food and Shabbat friendly craft items for your child.

3.  We do not have Sunday School on Mother’s Day.  Thank you Moms for lending me your kids each Sunday. Enjoy them this coming weekend!

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Miss Debbie