Gan Kindergarten Class


April 29, 2018

14 Iyyar, 5778

Dear Families,

Can you believe we traveled to Israel today?  Enjoy pictures from our trip:

*We learned about special symbols of Israel, including the semel and flag

*The students filled in their passports and set up their chairs into rows of an airplane.  Then we visited the following cities:

-Jerusalem: we wrote notes on little papers and put them into our pretend Kotel wall

-Netanya: the students ordered snacks IN HEBREW off of a menu.  They said, “Ani rotzei/rotzah ______, b’vakasha.” Several students tried thefalafel, pita, humus, wafer cookies and Bisli

-Dead Sea: the children tested object to see if they would sink or float in the Dead Sea (salt water) or The Kinneret (plain tap water)

-The Negev: the students dug for buried treasure (Israeli and American coins) and compared them

-Tel Aviv: known for culture, the students created sculptures

-Eilat: the children played a popular Israeli game called “Go Go Im” with boxes and Jewels stones

*The students ended the morning by working cooperatively to rip and stick blue magazine pieces onto full sheet labels, which we then cut into strips and stars to create Israeli flags

*Next week is our last Sunday.  There is a picnic starting at 10:45 AM.  Please RSVP to Mikey in the office if you are planning on attending.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Miss Debbie