Gan Kindergarten Class


September 24, 2017

4 Tishrei, 5778

Dear Families,

We had a bit of a mixed up day today.  Read about it below:

*The students were introduced to the letter “Yud” today, like the start of “Yom Kippur.”  They are enjoying reading the letters with vowels on chart.  Also, they could choose to color Hebrew letters or play “Memory.”  Most of the students chose to color and some of those also played Memory.

*We talked about Yom Kippur and how important it is to recognize when we’ve done something wrong and then to apologize to whomever we’ve wronged.  We read a story and then brainstormed things that Kindergarteners might have done wrong in the last year.  They had great ideas including: making a mess and not apologizing. Then we took their ideas, written on post-it notes and put them on our bullseye charts.  The students took turns throwing the beanbags to try to hit the mark-do the right thing.  We talked about how sometimes we hit the mark and do the right thing but sometimes we miss and have to try again next time.  Finally, the students colored a picture on a laminated poem about saying “Sorry.”  Then we took the poems outside, shared what they are sorry for, and then sprayed them with water and watched our sins disappear. Now we have a fresh paper and a fresh start.

*Today was also had a school wide lockdown drill and evacuation drill. The students did a good job.  They thought it was fun to talk a walk out of the building. 


We will not have library next weeks but feel free to have your child bring his/her book next week to put in the library basket if it isn’t already in there.

*Next week is Sukkah Raising.  Starting at 11 AM, we ask that you accompany your child through the different sukkah decorating stations and snack area.  Please let me know if you cannot accompany your child so that I can assign your child to one of our madrichim. 

*Thank you so much for reminding your child to bring in homework and tzedakah. 

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Miss Debbie