Gan Kindergarten Class


December 9, 2018

1 Tevet, 5779

Dear Families,

Happy last night of Hanukkah! We had a fun and laid back day today.  Here’s what we did:

*Reviewed the story of Hanukkah with Judah Maccabee, as well as how the dreidel game came to be

*Reviewed items we use on Hanukkah and also the difference between a menorah (a 7 branched candle holder used in the Temple long ago and a Hanukkiah-the 9 branch candleholder that we use today to celebrate Hanukkah)

*The students learned the letter Mem and reviewed the Hebrew letters by making a dreidel slider.  Feel free to have them read the letters for you-you’ll be impressed!

*For snack we made edible dreidels!  Yum!

*We got to visit with Asaf, our chaver/friend from Israel.  We danced with him and also played a game popular in Israel where kids have a string with a Hanukkah candle tied to their waist.  They have to squat down and try to get the candle into a water bottle. Check out the pictures in our album!

*We played dreidel with Asaf and our other Chaver Adi.  It was fun to watch everyone having fun on Hanukkah!

*Our Shabbat boxes went home for the first time today.  You can look forward to your child bringing one home soon!


*We do have Sunday School next week, December 16th but then we are off for a few weeks, returning on January 6th.

*If you need another copy of the homework or need to know a letter sound, just clink on the homework or sound chart tab above.



Miss Debbie